Access to to shareholder book

Holders of securities can have access to the list of natural persons and legal entities who hold securities of a specific issuer, by a previously submitted request to the CSD and payment of the fee as set in the CSD Tariff.

A holder of shares that acquires data by insight to the shareholders book must not disclose the data to other persons, i.e the data can be used only to exercise that shareholder’s rights.

CSD allows access to the shareholders book in two ways:

  •   Through direct insight in the book, at the premises of CSD, on PC or
  •   By issuance of a copy of the shareholdesr book, which the securities holder can use outside of the premises of CSD.

Access to the Depositary for insight into a shareholders book is allowed to a holder of securities provided that he previously submits a request, personally or by a proxy at CSD premisses.

Reports prepared by the Depositary for insight to the shareholders book, are prepared in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data. CSD charges a fee for this service according to tariff no.4:11, 4:12 or 4:13.