The Charter of Central Securities Depositary AD Skopje regulates in narrow terms:

  • the name and the main office of the company;
  • the principal capital;
  • nominal value of stocks, number of stocks by type and class, the rights, obligations, restrictions and benefits;
  • procedure of calling and holding the assembly of shareholders;
  • managing and supervisory bodies of the company;
  • the form and the manner of disclosures by the company;
  • method of operation and organization of the company;
  • determination of business results and use of profits;
  • regulation of relations in the company;
  • modifications of the Charter
  • general provisions on operations of the company
    • conditions, criteria and documentation on entry of certain members in the compan and their rights and obligations;
    • basic principles of operation of the company;
    • method of supervision carried out by the company of its own operations;
    • method of dispute resolution between company members;
    • prevention of misuse of information that is not available to all members of the company;
    • prevention of abuse and failure to settle trade transactions;
    • method of organization of the information system
  • trade name, identification number and main office of founders
  • termination of the company
  • transitional and concluding provisions

This document is, at present, available only in Macedonian. If you have any questions about the Charter of CSD AD Skopje, please contact us.