New issue

Required documentation for entry of issue of shares

Whenever there is a new issue, the issuer of shares submits to CSD:

  1. Application to record the issue of shares in CSD system
  2. Data on the shares issued, holders of shares, rights attached to shares, with: a list of individuals acquiring shares if the issue is by way of private offering and data on shares issued  in writing (number of shares issued, type or class and their nominal value, data on any restrictions regarding the disposal established with the act of issuance)
  3. Approval by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission of Republic of North Macedonia) for securities issue, regardless of whether it is about a private or a public offering of securities and evidence of the finality of the decision to approve (statement made by the issuer that he waves his right to an appeal), if it is subject to a SEC approval under the Law on securities.
  4. Decision of the relevant body of the issuer to issue securities
  5. Decision on entry and Current status from the Central Registry of RNM that basic capital increase is registered
  6. If the issue amount is less than EUR 25.000 the issuer provides evidence that SEC has been notified of the issue, as well as evidence that the issuer has published an announcement in the media as required by the Law on securities
  7.  If there is a lex specialis requiring an approval to acquire such securities at the issue , such approval is submitted to the CSD
  8. Payment of the relevant fee as per the Tariff of the CSD


Required documentation for the entry of issue of corporate or municipal bonds

Entry of issuance of corporate or municipal bonds requires that the issuer submits to CSD:

  1. Application to record the issue of bonds in CSD system,
  2. Data on bonds issued, rights to which holders are entitled and obligations of the issuer,
  3. List of individuals acquiring bonds if the issue is by way of a private offer and data on issued bonds in written form (number of issued bonds, type, nominal value, data on payment of principal and interest)
  4. Decision of the issuer on the bonds issue
  5. Prospectus about the issue of bonds
  6. Decision issued by SEC on the approval of the issuance of bonds if the issue exceeds EUR 25.000
  7. Payment of the relevant fee as per the Tariff of the CSD.


Relevant documentation for entry of the issue of state securities

The procedure on issue and trading in securities issued by the Republic of North Macedonia is defined by the Ministry of Finance and the National Bank of RNM in their regulation.