Corporate profile

Central Security Depository is a company  that has been one of the institutional pillars of the capital market in the Republic of North Macedonia for more than a decade, and it provides ongoing contribution to the capital market stability and development.

CSD is a joint stock company, 100% privately owned, established as a company for maintaining a register of securities and holders of securities, settlement of trade transactions and execution of non-trade transfers of securities.

Data on shareholder capital and ownership structure can be seen in the following link.

Presently, CSD is the only depository institution for securities operating in the Republic of North Macedonia, on the basis of a license issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Republic of North Macedonia.

CSD has a sophisticated software that supports the performance of its functions as specified in the law. This software is owned by the Depositary, and its maintenance and upgrades are regularly carried out by a team of dedicated professionals employed by CSD.

Under the Law on Securities, only banks, brokerage houses, insurance companies or investment funds can be Depositary’s shareholders.

CSD acts as a self-regulating organization in accordance with the law and adopts rules that are mandatory for its members. Members of the CSD can be brokerage houses, banks or subsidiaries of a foreign brokerage house, with permission to work given by SEC. Depositary adopts Rules of Conduct and Discipline, which closely regulate the implementation of the Depository acts by its members. The Rules of Conduct and Discipline set grounds for the authorities of the Depositary to take measures and/or temporarily or permanently suspend the right of Depositary’s members to take part in the work if the member fails to comply with the regulations or fails to meet the obligations arising from the securities transactions.