Shareholders with more than 5%

According to the Securities Law, on the first working weekday the Depository is due to announce on its web site the list of the holders - every physical and legal entity owning over 5% of any type of securities* of joint stock companies with special reporting obligations* and listed companies***.

*     Comprises of all the securities of the holder from a certain ISIN, no matter on which account type the securities are registered. The CSD has no information on the owners of securities registered on omnibus accounts.

**   Joint stock companies registered in the registry of the Securities and Exchange Commission.   

*** Listed stock companies Macedonian Stock Exchange.

Note: When searching, you must choose the date of publishing of the report (every first working day of the week, starting from 08.01.2014. and previously the first day of the month, under the Securities law)

The data given in the list are according to the data recorded in the CSD’s system on the requested date, at 08 a.m.

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