Mission and vision

As one of the institutions of the capital market infrastructure in the Republic of North Macedonia, CSD’s mission is to provide quality and timely services to all market stakeholders, giving special focus to stimulating innovative and sustainable technological solutions in order to provide fast, continuous and simple access to its services, at the same time ensuring protection of the interest of all parties involved.

The mission of the CSD is to provide, through constant improvement of services offered to its target user groups:

  • Stability: safe and effective services that support and stimulate domestic and foreign investors to invest on the Macedonian capital market;
  • Non-discrimination: equal treatment of all groups of participants in the work of the depository;
  • Innovation: application of new methods and techniques in the processes in order to increase the quality of the processes and to tailor Depository’s services to customers’ needs;
  • High operational standards: acceptance and application of international standards and practices in the post-trading activities with securities;
  • Development of the capital market: undertaking activities aimed at capital market development through individual activities, as well as undertaking activities in cooperation with other institutions and bodies;
  • Reliability: continuous development of risk management systems;
  • Institutional development: Promotion of international cooperation and improvement of the depository’s visibility, on a national, as well as on a regional and international level.

Depository’s vision is to maintain its role as one of the institutional pillars on the Macedonian capital market and its reputation of stable partner that offers high quality and trustworthy services. The Depositary is strongly committed to its further development and to stimulation of positive changes aimed at further development of the capital market.

Realization of Depository’s vision significantly contributes to the stability and integrity of the capital market, investor’s protection, as well as to the strengthening of the confidence of investors in the key institutions in this industry.

One of the most important challenges for the Depository is its contribution towards fast integration of the national capital market into the European and international capital markets.

In addition, the Depository ensures that high standards of corporate management and adequate management of the relations among its members, shareholders and other stakeholders are maintained.