Cookies policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are being recorded on your computer or mobile device for the purpose of improving the user experience on the website and aren’t related to your personal data which you’ve previously submitted to us. The cookies are data used by the websites in order to identify the web users. The cookies help in the process of monitoring the users’ activity on the website, and thus collect data for the purpose of better understanding the usage of the website by its visitors. The main goal is improving the user experience, optimization and improvement of the website’s functionality without using any personal data. All information recorded within Cookies may be used only for the necessities of the internet service in a way that your privacy won’t be endangered.


What do the cookies allow?

The cookies allow us to recognize your web browser at the next visit on our website. The cookies may record your preferences and other technical data, but neither they can read data or information written on your hard drive or mobile device, nor any other cookies data saved by other websites.


Types of cookies on

CSD AD Skopje uses several types of cookies during the operation of its website

  • Strictly necessary cookies:
    The cookies that are necessary for proper operation of the basic functions of the website such as navigation, site traffic statistics, content optimization etc. They are usually set as a response to a certain interaction that you have with the website. The cookies don’t contain any personal data and they can’t be turned off with these settings. There are several options related to the usage of cookies that can be customized on your web browser in order to block or notify you about these cookies, whereby certain sections of the website may not function properly.
  • Analytical cookies:
    These are cookies that allow us to measure website traffic and website traffic sources, in order to measure or improve the website performance. They help us analyse which web pages are most visited and how the visitors navigate through the website. All data that are recorded by these cookies are aggregated and anonymous.
  • Session cookies:
    These are temporary cookies that are saved in your browser cookie file by the time you’ve completed your browser session.


By clicking on “I agree” and by continuing to use our website, you agree to the cookies described in this document.

By clicking on “I don’t agree” and by continuing to use our website, you agree only to the strictly necessary cookies described in this document.

If you don’t want to use the cookies as mentioned above or if you change your mind after the accepting the terms under the Cookies Policy, you can delete them through your web browser.