Transfer of securities on the basis of inheritance

To execute a non-trade transfer of securities based on inheritance decision enacted by a court of competent jurisdiction/a notary, the following documents should be submitted to CSD:

  1. Final decision by a court of competent jurisdiction/notary in its original,  or a certified copy of it.
  2. Payment of the appropriate fee according to the CSD Tariff Book.

If the person that is acquiring the securities and submiting the court order does not have a securities account, the documents needed for opening of a securities ownership account is also submitted.

If the securities that are subject to the inheritance decision cannot be divided between the successors in whole number, they have an option of opening a co-ownership account, or to divide those securities with a statement verified by the notary, or to respectively ask for a correction in the court/notary decision.

In cases of multiple successors, if CSD receives the documents only for some of them, the non-trade transfer will be executed only for the persons in respect of whom the complete documentation was submitted.  The securities that were not transferred stay on the account of the deceased person until the completion of the needed documentation for the other successors.